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Sustain God's House

Great things are happening inside HUCC. Let's keep it going.

March 2, 2023 Update:

The new HVAC units are on the roof and the old ones are gone! West Michigan Heating and Cooling installed the HVAC unit on the south side of the gym first. They will come back next week to finish up the other two.

Thank you to everyone supporting these necessary repair and replacement projects!

March 1, 2023

Dear Friends,

At the February Council meeting, the Council approved three bids. The first is from West Michigan Heating and Cooling to replace the two damaged HVAC units above the Gym and the nonfunctional HVAC unit over the sanctuary that provides air conditioning. We are downsizing from the 15-ton HVAC units over the Gym to 12.5 ton units, saving us thousands of dollars and still providing enough heat and air conditioning to keep the Gym comfortable. The sanctuary unit is 25 tons. All three units will be replaced by crane.

As soon as we learned about the damaged HVAC unit above the Gym, we turned that into our insurance company who came out to look at it and decided to cover the entire cost of that one unit! This will save us $15,000!! The total amount to replace the other two HVAC units is $54,750.

At the February Council meeting, the Council approved a bid from Ayers Basement Systems to overhaul the basement water management. We need to replace sump pumps, treat iron ochre bacteria which is present, and replace drain tiles. As Inclusive Ottawa County continues to renovate much of the basement converting the space into a community center, we need to make sure that the space we are leasing is environmentally safe for everyone. The total cost for these improvements is $33,152.

At the February Council meeting, the Council approved a bid from Christina Breen and Kelly Pelon to replace the two projectors in the sanctuary. The cost for the projectors, wiring, and enhancements is $11,409. Christina and Kelly are donating much of the labor costs.


These three bids for three new HVAC units, sanctuary projectors, and basement water management, after removing the one HVAC unit covered by insurance, total $99,311. The Council is looking into a loan to cover these costs initially to then be fundraised by the church. But either way, Council is requesting our congregation give as they are able to continue to make our building, God’s House, hospitable and welcoming for everyone who comes here for worship, for entertainment, and for resources.


Just as home ownership means unexpected maintenance costs from time to time, owning a church building has the same experiences. The “new addition” to the original church building is now 15 years old and is in need of our care to ensure the building will continue to be a place of welcome and affirmation for the decades to come. Please prayerfully discern what you can give to these projects in addition to your normal giving for the mission and ministry of Hudsonville United Church of Christ. Thank you!

Checks can be mailed to:

4950 32nd Ave

Hudsonville, MI 49426

Mention "Sustain God's House" in the memo

Or you can give online:

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